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I/ Notification – Legal information

By consulting this website (the “website”), you agree with the content of this disclaimer and the conditions of use of the site (the “Legal Information”).

CapitalatWork Foyer Group S.A. and CapitalatWork S.A. (including its branch established in the Netherlands) are companies of the CapitalatWork group (here after the “CaW Group”).

For each Group entity, a specific part of the website is planned for which different conditions of use apply. Depending on the language and country you choose when logging into the website, you will visit the specific part of the site dedicated to the entity concerned.

As the content of this Legal Information may be revised over time, we ask that you review it regularly for possible changes.

1.1. Access to the Website

The content of this website has been fully adapted to the language and the country of residence that you selected when accessing this website. As a result, there is a chance that certain information is not accessible to you in order to comply with the laws and requirements applicable to your country of residence.

The Legal Information contained in this website is in no way intended for people who come under a jurisdiction where, on account of their nationality, residence or any other reason, publication of or access to this information is legally prohibited. In particular, this website is not intended for residents or citizens of the USA. If you are domiciled or reside in such a jurisdiction, you are not authorised to continue and you are requested to leave this website immediately.

1.2. Intellectual property rights

All contents of this website (texts, illustrations, photos, logos, icons and other) are the entire property of the CaW Group and its licensors, who are protected by intellectual and other property rights.

It is prohibited to download, copy (entirely or partially), reproduce, forward (by electronic or other means), modify, translate, or to make a link to or use this website and/or its content for public or commercial purposes without the prior written consent of CaW Group (on the understanding that users are authorised to download and print out elements of the website exclusively for personal and non-commercial purposes, provided that the content is not changed – in any way whatsoever – and that all copyright, trademarks and other ownership statements are not changed).

In particular photos and videos of individuals may not be reproduced without the prior written consent of the CaW Group.

1.3. Available information

The CaW Group endeavours to distribute correct information and to update it on a regular basis. However, The CaW Group does not guarantee that the website is adequate, accurate and complete. The herein contained information constitutes only one element of appreciation for the Internet user who remains free from his decision and is solely responsible for its use. They are provided for information purposes only, apart from any contractual relationship and / or any unilateral commitment of CapitalatWork.

The CaW Group, i.e. the entity that is responsible for the website, does not guarantee or warrant that the information available on the website cannot change as a result of technical faults (logging out, faults caused by third parties, viruses or other reasons). In addition, the CaW Group is entitled at all times, unilaterally and without prior notice, to change the information available on the website.

1.4. Privacy and protection of personal data

The CaW Group may collect and process your personal data according to your use of the website.

1.4.1. Categories and purpose of the data processing

In this website you have the possibility to provide certain personal data so that the CaW Group or other CaW Group entities can contact you.

The CaW Group shall use these data solely to answer various requests: answers to questions (regarding asset management and asset planning or other), requests to be kept informed of our events, newsletters, press releases or other general notices, and/or online job applications (including spontaneous applications).

The processing of this personal data is carried out in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other local privacy and personal data protection laws.

Our “Privacy Charter” includes more detailed information on the processing of personal data by CaW Group and can be consulted at any time on our website:

1.5. Use of the website

Within the applicable legal boundaries and restrictions, the CaW Group is not liable for any loss or damage, such as loss or damage that directly or indirectly arises from or relates to access to, the downloading of or the use of the website (or any other website to which this website refers).

The CaW Group accepts no liability whatsoever for any technical incident that could occur (for whatever reason) during the use of the website (such as an error or the non-uploadingof information by the user’s PC).

The website can contain links to other websites that are controlled or provided by third parties. the CaW Group has not inspected the contents of the websites that are linked to the website and offers no guarantee whatsoever regarding the information or data that are available on these websites. By providing links to other websites, the CaW Group, as well as every entity of the CaW Group, does not accept any liability in any way for any information, data, product and/or service available or offered on such websites of third parties.

1.6. General conditions

All data and documents that are available on the website are provided solely for information purposes and under no circumstances constitute investment advice.

This information may not under any circumstances be considered as advice of a legal, fiscal or other nature. The information or opinions expressed on this website do not take any account of the financial expertise and knowledge, investment objectives, financial situation or specific needs of the website users. Users of this website must obtain specific, individual and sufficient professional advice before making an investment decision. In particular, users of this website must consult a tax specialist to determine what tax rules apply to them.

Results obtained in the past cannot be considered as an indication or guarantee for the future, and no declaration or guarantee, explicit or implicit, is given with respect to future performance. Advice and/or estimates reflect an opinion on the original publication date and may be changed without prior notice.

1.7. E-mail

This website makes it possible to receive electronic messages from the CaW Group. As these messages are sent via the internet, a public network over which the CaW Group has no control, they may be intercepted, changed or lost. The CaW Group accepts no liability whatsoever in this respect.

The contact e-mail address ( is only intended for requesting general information. It may not be used for contractual or legal purposes, for example for investigations or for notices of default.

1.8. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Without prejudice to the rights of consumers, the management and use of the website is governed solely by Luxembourg law, and the Luxembourg courts have exclusive jurisdiction over disputes relating to the management and/or use of the Website.

1.9. Responsibility for the Website

The company responsible for the Website is the CaW Group, with registered office at rue Léon Laval 12, L-3372 Leudelange, Luxemburg.

II/ Use of cookies

2.1. What is a cookie?

A cookie (also called http cookie, web cookie or browser cookie) is a small text file that is saved in a user’s web browser. The cookie installs itself in a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome) at the request of a web server. A cookie is entirely passive and does not contain any software programs, viruses or spyware. A cookie consists of 2 components, the name and the content. In addition, a cookie has a limited lifetime.

2.2. Advantages of a cookie.

A cookie contains information linked between a web browser (the user) and a specific web server the (website). If the web browser goes back to the web server, the web server can read information from the cookie and respond to this information. Cookies ensure a user- friendly experience and support security measures for many online offers and services, e.g. language preferences, privacy settings, secure online banking, relevant advertisements, etc.

A single website can make use of a number of cookies for different purposes.

2.3. Types of cookies

Cookies are managed by web servers. The lifetime of a cookie can vary depending on its purpose.

Some cookies are only used during online sessions and are discarded as soon as you leave the website. These cookies are called “session cookies”. Then there are other cookies that are retained and used if you visit the website in question. These cookies are called“permanent cookies”. Cookies can be deleted at any time by the user in the user settings.

Session cookies are generally needed for technical purposes. Switching them off may jeopardise the correct presentation of a website in certain cases.

2.4. Risks of cookies

Normally cookies do not involve any risk of use. They only contain a generic browser identification associated with anonymous data. When cookies install themselves, the user is informed of this (generally in the privacy section of the website, in the conditions of use or in another user contract).

If websites use cookies to collect personal data, the privacy laws require these websites to inform the user of this and must also inform the user as to what the data shall be used for.

2.5. Controlling cookies

Browsers offer applications that enable cookies to be managed (for more help see below).

The browser settings can be adjusted so that they only accept cookies from certain websites (e.g. your favourite new sites). Browsers can also allow users to delete certain cookies. It is even possible to set a browser so that it rejects all cookies.

Deactivating cookies can reduce the browsing experience or optimum use of the website.

Information is given below to help you deal with the settings of your cookies management:

  • Google Chrome 5.0.375.55 beta: open your browser. Click the Tools icon on the right of your screen and select Options. Click the Under the Bonnet tab and select Content Settings in the Privacy section. Select your preferences in the Cookies tab.
  • Internet Explorer version 9: open your browser. Click the Tools icon on the right of your screen and select Internet Options. Click the Privacy tab. You can select between different levels of automatic cookies management or choose to do this manually by clicking Advanced.
  • Mozilla Firefox 6.0.1: open your browser. Type “about:permissions” in the address bar in order to gain access to the Permissions Manager. You can manage your cookies in the Set Cookies tab.
  • Opera 10.51: open your browser. Go to the main menu and click Settings. Select Preferences and click the Advanced tab. Select the Cookies tab and set your preferences.
  • Safari 5.1: open your browser. Click the menu icon on the far right. Select Preferences and click the Confidentiality tab. Define your preferences.

2.6. Cookies on the CaW Group website

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