The non-profit organisation Goods to Give collects non-food products from companies for the benefit of people in need!

Within the industrial sector, thousands of non-food surpluses are being destroyed (shower gels, soaps, wax products, maintenance products, etc.). Their market value is estimated at about 100 million euros, while 1.6 million people (nearly one Belgian on seven) live below the poverty line and cannot afford these basic products.

To address these problems the association Goods to Give was founded in december 2011. Goods to Give has been operational since 2013 and aims the collection of unsold non-food products in companies to redistribute at social organizations fighting against poverty and social exclusion (social welfare agencies, non-profit associations, CPAS, ASBL).

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‘Olivia was two and a half when they have a brain tumor died. That no child come to you.’

Therefore the Olivia Hendrickx Research Fund supports innovative cancer research so young patients have better survival rates and concrete help in their healing process.

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